From the small city of Lake Charles, Louisiana, by way of the big city of Houston, Texas comes a true Entrepreneur for the 21st century…Michael “WataBoy” Hardman. The story of Michael’s life reads like a book, but not even the craftiest and most imaginative of writers could create a non-fiction novel with more heartache, danger, intrigue, and redemption than the real-life drama that has characterized Michael’s Life. A native child of Louisiana, the 35-year-old CEO continues to pour his heart and soul into his Organization, “STATIC, LLC.” This Organization is an honest depiction of Michael’s life as a child of God– a life often beset with poverty, struggle, and ultimately triumph.
As a leader of his soldiers, family, and employees, Michael had to develop strong management and problem solving skills that have almost become second nature. As a student of life, he has learned how to manage numerous obligations while maintaining his role as a husband, father, business man, attending to personal responsibilities, and working as a full time employee of the United States Military. You can say he has learned the ability to multi-task, which will help him with obtaining his personal career goals and the goals of STATIC, LLC. As everyday passes by, Michael continues to pursuit of greatness for STATIC LLC., to allow future employers the opportunity to view and experience the knowledge he has gained while obtaining a Bachelor Degree at the University of Maryland University College. Lastly, as Michael pursues a Graduate Degree in Business Administration from the University of Incarnate Word, he plans to bring STATIC, LLC. to unimaginable levels.