STATIC,LLC  was founded in 2008 with the idea of building a loyal and trustworthy company that provides great services through the favor of God. Over the years, STATIC has evolved into an organization made up of great workers who have pledged to run this business and their personal lives according to the Word of God and not the way of the world.
We at STATIC believe that together we can change the world through our faith in Jesus Christ. To do this effectively we have stepped forward in our belief and demonstrated our faith through our organization. We are dedicated to bringing our community together in an effective and professional manner that honors God.

In today’s economy, Customers are looking for a business they can trust. They want a fair job for a fair price. But more than that, Customers want to know that the dollars they are spending on services will be well worth it. Every Business Is God’s Business. The notion that labor for profit and worship of God are now, and always have been, worlds apart, is patently false. The Early Church founders were mostly community leaders and highly successful business people. The writing of the Gospels was entrusted to Luke, a medical doctor; Matthew, a retired tax collector; Mark, the manager of a family trust; and John, a food supplier. Lydia was a dealer in purple cloth. Dorcas was a clothes designer. Today, more than ever, the heart of our cities is the small businesses. Yet the perceived wall between commercial pursuit and service to God continues to knock down that wall and build the foundation for an unparalleled business revival. Only then can we extend God’s kingdom to every corner of our world!